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Roger Kurian’s journey from a student visa holder from India to Vice President of Technology is a testament to his dedication to education and humility. With top global scores on the GRE experimental section, his path led to advanced IT certifications and a commitment to philanthropy, earning him the Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Award. His career reflects a blend of professional excellence and a deep-seated ethos of giving back

Foundational Advice

Roger Kurian stresses the need to first master IT fundamentals. Learn what to do in order to form a strong base in IT and stay in relevance in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

True Leadership

Whether you’re coding or volunteering at a food bank, you can learn from Roger Kurian’s leadership which transcends beyond just business, fostering a legacy of societal betterment.

Societal Betterment

Altruistic work, notably Roger Kurian’s transformative engagement with the Houston Food Bank and earning the Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Award, that reveals the depth of his character. 


“I wasn't doing it for an award, It's just highly rewarding to be a part of the solution.”

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“The IT industry has been rewarding, but making a tangible difference in people’s lives? That’s invaluable.”

- Roger Kurian

Roger Kurian in the Media

Roger Kurian has been featured in the media for his journey from a bright scholar at Kent State University to a tech virtuoso for his pioneering thesis and for his impactful roles at major U.S. corporations like JP Morgan and Shell. Roger Kurian has been credited with creating a product that approximately 62 percent of utility companies in North America use. 

In addition, Roger Kurian discusses hard work, giving back and integrating leadership into many aspects of life, regularly sharing strategies on how to effectively employ these aspects. Roger Kurian aims to ensure the future of IT is built upon a foundation of compassion, innovation and humility.

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